Meet Cassie

Brand Manager

Cassie with her fiancé Connor & puppy Tatum (who is a mix of 5 different breeds).

Cassie’s Cross Over story starts with none other than Cotton Eyed Joe

But before we get to that, let’s rewind to where it all began…

You see, this sports-loving Texan discovered her passion for sports (especially college football and Major League Baseball) at a young age, all thanks to her Dad. Good lookin’ out, Cassie’s dad.

And it was this early childhood spark that led Cassie to The University of Texas at Arlington where she immersed herself in the sports world early on in her career. From working for the UTA Athletics department, to working for the Texas Rangers, to working as a sports reporter for some time – Cassie’s early career path was nothing short of a grand slam.

So, how did she find her way to us?

*Cues up ‘Cotton Eyed Joe’*…

Cassie showing off her ring at the American Airlines Center, just one day after getting engaged!

During her time working for the Texas Rangers promotional team, a coworker taught Cassie one of life’s most critical skills: The Cotton Eyed Joe dance. 

Really important stuff, if you ask us!

So, who was this dancing queen of a coworker, you ask?
None other than Cross Over’s very own Jessica Zura – aka JZ.

Since those fateful days, the two continued to stay connected through their separate professional journeys until they had the chance to work together again, with us!

At CrossOver, our brands, destinations, and strategic partners have the distinct pleasure of working with Cassie directly – in her role as our Brand Manager and primary liaison for all programs. 

Off the clock, you can find Cassie spending time with her all-star team: her family, fiancé Connor, and puppy Tatum. You may even spot her getting featured on a Jumbotron (her secret talent), like the time she showed off her ring at the American Airlines center, just one day after getting engaged!

Cassie showing off her ring at the American Airlines Center, just one day after getting engaged!

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