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Website Designer

Corine hiking with her dogs, Hunter & Rylie

Corine’s story starts at Happy Hour

Back in 2015, with only a few margaritas and some friendly persuasion, two friends convinced Corine to join them on a 5-week backpacking trip through Peru and Ecuador while studying for her Masters in Materials Science and Engineering.

Unknowingly, this trip of a lifetime would later become the catalyst that pushed Corine to leave her uninspiring 9-5 career in engineering in search of something with more freedom, flexibility, and purpose. (Can you tell she’s a millennial?!)

The photo that landed Corine and her boyfriend Davis on a Twisted Tea label

So she quit her job, dove into entrepreneurship, and began building websites for brands and businesses looking to amplify their success – while enjoying their life!

Corine’s path intersected with Cross Over Marketing in 2019 when Rob’s wife Ellie made the introduction, shortly after Rob & Fred brought Cross Over Marketing to life. Now, Corine creates websites for our brand partners that are intentionally designed to look great and get results.

Teaming up with travel-loving, adventurous people is one of Corine’s favorite parts of her job — and what brought her to us.

When she’s not building websites or planning her next trip, you can usually find Corine on a lake or mountain in Upstate NY, where she lives with her boyfriend and their two dogs.

(Oh! And don’t forget to ask her about the time she ended up on a Twisted Tea label – that’s a heck of a story.)

The photo that landed Corine and her boyfriend Davis on a Twisted Tea label

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