HR is Totally in Our Wheelhouse

Cross Over Marketing is well versed in the interview and hiring tasks that come with running a company, but we weren’t quite expecting part of that to include helping Rob “The Gronk” Gronkowski find a summer gig. Turns out we knew someone who was looking…

When started the search for their “Poolhop” job, we at Cross Over were happy to assist in the process. The requirements aren’t too difficult (unless you happen to be a fan of not having any fun). The poolhop job consists of traveling to the most incredible hotel pools across the country, chill out max and relax all cool (maybe we’ve heard that line before), sip on some tasty drinks, snap photos for the ‘gram, sport a comfy hotel robe and report the findings back to

Gronk is Available!

One of the sticking points in the job description was that the Poolhop be able to travel for 2 weeks in August testing out spectacular hotel pools from coast to coast. Well, for the first time in years, Gronk has availability during that time!

Our friend and brother to “The Gronk” himself, Chris, is somewhat pleading with to hire his younger brother in a recent post on Instagram. According to Chris, “He [Rob] is driving our family crazy!” No worries Chris, we’re here to help Rob get that dream gig and give you all a break.

Gronk Nation stands behind their candidate who would be the perfect ‘someone’ for the job. You can read more about it here.

Of course, if you also think Gronk should be newest hire, we strongly encourage you to share it all over your own social media. We’re thinking a good hashtag for attention might be, #HireTheGronk, but we’ll leave that up to the fans.

Time to Amplify Your Marketing?

Cross Over Marketing’s mission when it started was to do marketing differently, let’s just say it’s happening and there’s more to come. If you’re looking for a new angle for your marketing, or if you’re just a retired super star who needs to find a way to occupy their time, the team at Cross Over is here for you.

With offices in 2 of the giant travel hubs of the country, Dallas and Atlanta, and nearly 50 years of combined sports marketing experience in our founders alone, Cross Over Marketing isn’t limited by much, if anything. Wondering how we go about this? Our process is simple: You call, you explain what you want to accomplish, and we go to work! Let’s get started today.