This is When Things Get Exciting…

Cross Over Marketing is always excited when new partnerships (and friends) come our way, but we were especially thrilled to team up with Lion Fight Promotions. Lion Fight was founded in 2010 by owner and Chief Executive Officer Scott Kent. Lion Fight is the industry leading promoter of Muay Thai events and stands as the largest stand-up combat sports organization in North America.  Now, thanks to their partnership with CBS Sports to televise all of their events in prime-time slots, they are about to explode on the national (and international) scale. (If you’re thinking, ‘wow, that’s really cool’, you’re right!)

A Winning Combination

Lion Fight has massive goals to reach new audiences and gain support on a global scale.  Muay Thai style fighting is not only exciting to watch, but has a deep-rooted, rich history associated with it. Fans simply love it. In order to extend Lion Fight’s reach and showcase the international talent that is Muay Thai fighting, they needed a company that could take on the challenge and find the perfect partnerships to make it happen… Enter Cross Over Marketing.

Learn more about this exhilarating new meeting of the minds in Lion Fight’s most recent news release.

Want in On The Action?

Hindsight is always 20/20, so they say. Don’t look back on the time you took to read this and wish you had stepped up and gotten in on the action. Here at Cross Over, we bring a treasure trove of over 50 years combined experience in network cable (Time Warner, Turner, Fox Sports), NASCAR events, NBA and NFL stars, and the music industry. Partnering that with Lion Fight’s multi-cultural emerging brand and worldwide events and fan base, well let’s just say we’ve got the makings of a superstar endeavor in its infancy. Get in touch, today.