At Cross Over Marketing, one of our favorite questions is, “What do you do exactly?” It’s a big question that we could happily spend all day answering, but to sum it up in three words: We build relationships.

As our name implies, we understand the value in connecting people from seemingly disparate fields and watching their marketing efforts combine to create a sum that is far greater than its parts. It’s a simple idea that we felt compelled to act on.

No one exists in a bubble, not businesses and certainly not customers. Why should any business isolate their efforts when they can partner with another brand to reach more people?

How Businesses Benefit from Building Relationships

Let’s consider a hypothetical sports fan, Steve. Let’s say Steve is a die-hard follower of the Dallas Mavericks. He lives in Kansas, but he regularly makes trips to Dallas to see his favorite team. When Steve travels, he’s a consumer of many services and products. When Steve makes his regular pilgrimage to the American Airlines Center to watch the Mavs play, he also flies American Airlines, stays at Fairmont Dallas and eats at Perry’s Steakhouse & Grille. So, what do Steve’s favorite airline, hotel, restaurant and sports team have in common? They have Steve in common.

How smart would it be for these businesses to combine their marketing efforts, to amplify their seemingly unknow partnerships, to reach the Steves of the world? That’s where Cross Over Marketing makes things happen.

This is just one example of how brands from different industries share much more than they realize. When brands combine their marketing efforts, they reach more people with less effort and fewer dollars spent. Our job is to help companies of all types by creating and amplifying their relationships.

When You Know Cross Over Marketing, You Know A Lot of People

It’s our job to know people, and anyone who knows what makes businesses successful also knows that networking is perhaps the most important part of growing a company. When you work with Cross Over Marketing, you can be sure that you know a whole lot of people that can help your business.

No brand exists in a vacuum. Companies are constantly crossing their marketing paths in search of clients and customers, whether they realize it or not. If only you could connect with other brands and have a marketing campaign that reaches their audiences. That’s what we offer our partners and clients. We make those connections and help you reach exponentially more people than you would on your own.

We Aren’t Just Introducing People. We are Facilitating Growth.

Cross Over Marketing is in the business of offering brands solutions to their problems. We offer many services to meet their needs. This includes…

    • Brand Amplification & Management
    • Think Tank Strategy Planning & Ideation 
    • Experiential Marketing & Activations
    • Celebrity Endorsements & Influential Marketing Campaigns
    • Destination Marketing Programs
    • Entertainment, Music Festivals, & Film
    • Cause Marketing & Fundraising Campaigns
    • Digital & Social Media Amplification
    • Event Creation & Management
    • Partnership Sales
    • Sponsorship Sales & Evaluations 
    • Whatever you think of next!

The role we play for one client might look completely different than ones we play for others. That’s because we assess what is needed and act accordingly. We are a marketing firm, management company and sales agency. We work with brands from a wide range of industries, including sports, travel, hospitality, entertainment and cause marketing.

More than anything, our clients know that they can count on Cross Over Marketing for ideas. We know what it means to work on a budget and to make every dollar pay off dividends.

Rob and Fred know people. They know brands. Most of all, they know how to bring people and ideas together. If you want to talk to Cross Over Marketing, then you should contact us immediately. Don’t miss out on an opportunity to build your business. Still need some ”proof in the pudding”, check out our most recent partnership creation.